I am So So So SORRY!!!!

I know it been a little while since I have updated my journey profile, you must of seen me post my blogs on a weekly bases but not updated this…


There sometimes be’s a time where you say I will get it done soon but time just drags on, I also did say I will share whether I made my 4 figure commission on a single sale…

The reason I apologized at the start was that I made my 4 figure sale a long time back but doing a late update on my journey…

Lets get straight to the point and update you.


Today is the 1st of January 2016 but I made my first ever 4 figure sale on the 27 October 2015 and many other front end sales and also built my recurring income.

When I made my first ever 4 figure sale of $1000 in commission I was over the moon, This shows me the system works without me having to make the sales…

Here is the picture of what my mentor Louis Doughty wrote to me…



Absolute amazing feeling and so happy to be sharing this with you….

I will be totally honest and put my hands up and say that i have been making sales lately for the work I did from the start…

Now the sales that are coming in I have no idea where they come from as I have just followed a simple strategy that I learnt in Ipro-Partner and I simply just focus 1/2 hours a day doing the simple strategy and making sales like a full income salary.

If you are interested then you can simply get in contact with me for any question and I would be happy to help and direct you…

I am going to see how far I can get in my journey as I have my goals to achieve and big dreams ahead.

I’ve always wanted to have the financial freedom for my self and my family and I really believe this is the way forward for me and I will make it happen…

Watch out for my JOURNEY PART-4 as I am jumping ahead of the game an going to make a members area for all my followers for FREE (COMING SOON) that I will guide them to what I have seen results and try help get you there quick with what I have tested that worked…

That would be from building website to building your list and how to correctly write email to making sales effectively…




  • Congratulations on your success, Munir. We are all following your progress and are learning from what you are sharing with us.

  • Hi
    Well done. I am looking forward to your members area. I would like to learn from you.

  • Munir, I am very proud of you and how you have taken everything I have said and made it your own and been an absolute action taker…

    2016 is going to be your year for MASSIVE growth…

    Keep it up my man

    • Thank you so much Louis Doughty,

      Honestly my brother, without your help and
      your mentoring I would not have been right here
      with a massive smile of success,

      2016 is going to be massive and I proudly can say
      I made the right choice… 🙂

  • Hi Munir and well done mate. Its great to follow your story of success as it shows how taking consistent action can create the financial freedom we all seek.

    Best wishes from a remote Thai village marketer


    • Hey Peter,
      I can Officially call you my friend, my family and
      one of my Number 1 followers.

      Every one know the right way forward, what they don’t
      have is the will-power on consistency which we have in Ipro.

      I have seen many come in the internet marketing all in the
      right track then after few weeks they just give up on a strategy
      so quick thinking it just isn’t working for them..

      many need to understand all strategies work but to real
      see results its matter of sticking to it..

  • Hello Munir. It is great and very excite able when reading your posts. So much excitement and love for your business shows in your posts. You are a great motivator and I am sure that you will have many more four figure days and guide and show many of your followers how they can be just as successful. You rock and I salute you my friend.

    • David A Rhodes,
      My friend what you just said really means a lot to me and my main
      goal is to help as many like minded people to success because I believe
      everyone deserves it in this world but it really comes down to the individual
      on how badly he wants it…

      I can help and guide them but they should
      be willing to accept many challenges and
      face them for their success…

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