Thank you for following my full journey, I am just so excited and want to thank everyone in the Ipro-partners for helping me get my first pay.

Yes you heard me right my first pay in Internet Marketing and soon as I saw my result I made a quick video so guys check this out


As you just saw the quick 2 min video, I just made it for you guys and to show you what Ipro has done for me in few weeks. This is just the start because I started IPRO on the 10th of August 2015 and today is the 30th and I have made money.

The result are here and I would like to show you it as I promised I will be completely opened to you guys;



I know what you thinking that its only few hundred bucks but let me tell you 1 thing, I have spoken to many Internet Marketers that have been in for many years and they have not made any where close to mines and many haven’t made a dime because they just haven’t found that right mentor that can help you direct you and give you everything what he has made. I am talking about the funnel.

Not just any funnel but a funnel that has worked before and still working today, a proven solid funnel that just converts and makes newbies like me and many other to start making instant cash without having to do much but to copy and paste few easy strategy and take action every day for at least an hour.

I never thought I would start making money that quick and BOOM here it is right in front of your eyes, something that really worked for me and many others.

This is just the start of my journey and I will be continuing writing this journey step by step leading me to become the most successful person that I have dreamed of.

I am going to come out with PART 3 very soon showing you my first ever 4 figure income so if you want to find out when I make my first 4 figure income on 1 sale then sign up to my blog update newsletter which is located on the right hand side at the top on the side bar.

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  • Hi Munir

    Great post and video! Thanks for sharing.

    I joined iPro from The Quick Start Challenge and my experience and results so far have been pretty similar to yours. I’ve always been very wary of doing solo ads because I didn’t have anything of value to offer people who came in from the ads, but now I do and it’s going great.

    By the way, in your video it looks like you have a microphone mounted on the wall behind your monitors? What sort is it?

    All the best for now


  • Hi thanks for you comment Keiran, Great to hear your doing great after the QSC 3.0 and I am so happy for you. Regarding the mic I am using for the video is from my Iphone 6, but the mic for my computer in the video is a BM-100fx and was gifted to me with the holder by my wife 🙂

  • Hi Munir
    My names david and ive been following you for a while. great to see you done amazingly well. Ive signed up to your Blog updates and really want to see how you will get on.

  • Hi Munir,

    Great to see such an amazing results in a quiet short time.I am also in I Pro partner program 5 months now,and I was just start Generating $1.000 per sale.

    This is really The best program,that really works. And all I Pro partners community and webinars where motivate us and teach us strategies about traffic sources and other stuff…I can’t describe how perfect this program is.

    To our success!!! 🙂

    Greetings from Slovenia


  • Hey
    Thanks Darja for posting… I have made more but not focused too much in my blog journey update… As you are aware i have My 4 figure sales and it feels amazing with being with Ipro… 🙂

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