How I started Ipro Partners and what my progress is in my journey,

journey of success start to goal

I will totally be honest with you and won’t hide anything from you. If my journey takes me downhill then I will share my full experience on how I will over come that.

I do agree with you that sometimes its really hard to believe whether I am telling you the truth or not, but if I make any money then I will show full evidence of that and how much I am making.

So after starting the QUICK START CHALLENGE I have completed the 4 week challenge that was set up for me (To see the quick start challenge, 4 week task click here) and we had a bonus week that Dean Holland set up for us.

Dean Holland gave us a great training on the webinar and that lasted about an hour an a half explaining about the funnel.

I was a little confused on how I would actually make my funnel as a newbie and have no experience.

He then started talking about the IPRO PARTNERS that he was offering to us,

So what is the IPRO and how can it benefit me from joining;

iPro partners


When Dean Holland explained the Ipro partners in full details and what he will do for us I was completely shocked of whether this is all true or not.

He explained about the proven funnel and how we can make money without doing any thing then drive traffic through the funnel…

It got me thinking, but isn’t it hard to drive traffic and how will I learn that….


Isn’t that great, but there must be a catch to it I thought to myself. I started doing some research and all I found how great this IPRO PARTNERS program really is.

You can also research if you want, not even a single bad review I found and all the reviews were great. I even found so much testimonial on You-tube and everything looked positive.

So the picture below shows the funnel that is proven to work. There are 5 steps

ipro funnel plain


If a single customer from the traffic reaches the end where it says High Ticket Product I will make a commission of $1000. The front-end product I make $20 and Up-sell is between $20 to $500. The main part of this funnel I really love the most is the membership product where you will start earning on a monthly basis, which we get paid about $47 on each customer every month which gives us normal people the ability to earn recurring income, another word for it is residual income.

Now I have taken the approach and joined up with Ipro partners program where I am promised my dreams can become reality ONLY if I take action and put in 1 hour a day work in to it.

Thank you for reading my journey on joining the Ipro Partners..

I will be bringing up PART 2 and see where this Ipro Partners program I joined really takes me.

Please guys if you are reading my journey you don’t want to miss out on whether I make my dream a reality and earn the big cash to fill my dream then simply on the top right hand side bar there should be a Subscribe to my list or sign up box so you don’t miss out on my where my journey goes.


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